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Email marketing is one of the best options to reach out to people at a larger scale and help PR agencies in earning the fruits of their labor. If you send out emails to the general public continuously, it acts as a third-party endorsement and there are chances for them to buy your products or use your services. Let’s check some email marketing tips and tricks.

5 Important Things to consider

We have listed 5 things that Public Relations agencies should consider during their email marketing campaigns that can bring success to it. Email marketing tips and tricks to follow;

Keep the database right

Target the right set of audience. Your email will be of no use when sent to someone abroad to market the product that is sold in India. Gather emails based on the objective of your email marketing campaign. Remember, always go for blind carbon copy (bcc) and never mark a copy to others in the mail that is targeted to your audience.

Attractive subject line

The subject line used in your email is an important factor that decides the success of your email marketing campaign. When you use words such as ‘offer’, there are chances for your email to end up in spam. So choose a subject line that doesn’t showcase you as spam and the one that is readable and is capable of attracting the attention of the audience.

Keep the content simple and short

We are living in a fast-paced world and people don’t have an extra minute to spare for reading an email. So, the key to making the audience read your content is to keep it as minimum as possible. Short and catchy content helps you in selling your products or services.

Include numbers in the topic and infographics in the body

Use numbers in your topic. It is better to say ‘5 things to consider when using Email Marketing’ than ‘Things to consider when using Email Marketing’. Also, choose infographics over texts for your email content. Infographics are visually appealing and make the audience listen to what you’re trying to say.

Don’t sell your product or service

Email is not a place to do hardcore selling. If you do so, there are chances that people would neglect your emails. Your email should contain tips or information that is relevant to your product or service. When you give information rather than selling your product, the audience will be automatically drawn to your product or service.

Email Marketing Tips

Consider these important email marketing tips;

  • Visualize a proper plan.

Take some time to jot down your ideas and chart a clear-cut plan. Organize your thoughts in the form of a flowchart or an outline so they’re easy to understand. You can always come back to your plan to help you make decisions on how to proceed.

  • Maintain mailing list hygiene.

To keep your mailing lists healthy, make sure to remove unresponsive email addresses. Smart email marketers achieve this by reaching out to the least-engaged people to know if they’re interested in further interaction.

  • Segment your mailing lists.

Segmentation gives you well-organized mailing lists and helps you target your subscribers better. By segmenting your mailing list, you can bring exclusivity and distinction to your email campaigns.

  • Personalize your email campaigns.

You’re not a robot, so don’t sound like one. Instead of “Guest,” or “Customer,” make sure you refer to your subscribers by name. A good email campaign should have personal mentions in the subject line, greeting, and sometimes even in the middle of the content.

  • Produce crisp and relevant content.

Creating content may seem simple; getting your subscribers to read it is a different story altogether. Attract your readers with short, snappy content that includes videos and images. Additionally, make sure your campaign targets the correct recipients.

  • Create catchy subject lines.

Don’t let your emails get lumped into the unread pile of the inbox. Go the extra mile to make your email stand out, with striking and compelling subject lines, and suitable pre-header text. Watch in awe as your open rates catapult.

  • Test and optimize emails.

A/B test your subject lines, sender addresses, and email content with a small section of your audience. Understanding what works well with your subscribers will help you create the best-performing campaign.

  • Use responsive templates.

Make sure your email templates are mobile-friendly. People today view emails directly on their mobile phones, so it’s important for you to have mobile-responsive templates with succinct content.

  • Automate follow-ups.

Successful email marketers don’t make their audience wait to hear from them. So send follow-up messages to your recipients at every opportunity.

  • Monitor campaign reports.

Thorough observation is the key to continuous improvement. Before creating a new campaign, study the performance of your previous campaigns to get a better understanding of what works for you, and gradually improve your overall reach.

  • Connect only after consent.

Only send campaigns to those who have given permission to receive your emails. Using a double opt-in process will help you stay in touch with interested subscribers, making your email marketing attempts both successful and smart.

  • Engage without spam.

Nothing is worse than having unsolicited and irrelevant emails pile up in your inbox. Don’t spam your subscribers, send emails only when it benefits the reader.

  • Study your recipients’ behavior.

Your campaigning efforts shouldn’t stop when you hit the “Send” button. After your campaign is sent, be sure to observe your recipients’ activities. From tracking links to action-based scoring, do everything you can to understand them completely.

  • Make use of every opportunity.

Aim to increase your subscriber base. Webinars and promotional events are an excellent means to step up your conversations with interested leads and drive your brand. Continue to draw in more subscribers with sign-up forms on your website and blogs.

  • Promote on social media.

Go social—it’s the best way to share your campaigns and gain a wider reach. Effective email marketers increase their social media traffic with a comprehensive content strategy and an ability to elevate their marketing approaches.

  • Convert leads to customers.

Nurture your leads today so they make great customers tomorrow. The journey from leads to customers is simple when your campaigns include calls-to-action, links, and other informative resources.

  • Sync details from CRM.

When you sync with CRM, you don’t have to worry about missing lead information and qualification statuses. Keep all of your leads’ details at your fingertips, and incorporate them into your campaigns. Doing this will uplift your sales and close deals faster.

  • Experiment different approaches.

Explore new ideas and leave no stone unturned. Offers, discounts, grand sales, product-related events—venture into something new and keep your subscribers engaged. These activities can help you gather new leads in due course.

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