How to Create a Website?

how to create a website

Nowadays websites become very essential for all e-commerce businesses like Digital marketing. Digital marketing makes it easy for you to track your campaigns. The first thing you need as a digital marketer is your own website. How to create a website?

It is too easy to create a website by yourself. Things you need to create a website – Domain name, Business email address, Website building software ( WordPress), Website hosting, Website template design, Logo design, etc.

Easy Steps to Create a Website

Step-1. Pic a name for your site.

Step-2. Buy hosting and domain from sites like GoDaddy etc. Hosting is the place where your website files will be stored. The domain is the name of your website.

Step-3. To install WordPress. It provides various templates according to your need. You have to explore there, set up a database, and afterward then make a client who approaches the database.

Step-4.Next, we’re going to install A plugin that comes with a theme. So by installing the plugin we’ll be able to easily customize our theme. This plugin features a set of styles for your website which you’ll choose then apply it to your site.

Step-5. Edit the content. To edit any page of your site. Go into the page and click edit with elementor. Now edit the page as you need.

The Basics of a Website

To understand the way to build an internet site, let’s take a glance at the very basics of how websites work.

Every single website on the web requires just two things to figure.

That’s right. Just two.

They are:

Domain name. This is a URL name for your website typically followed by a .com, .org, .net, etc.
Web host. This is where your website “lives.” It’s the servers you employ to store your website’s information.

Combined, these two things allow your website to easily exist on the web . To make your website great and unique, though, you’re getting to also need an internet site builder. This allows you to simply create pages, posts, and whatever else you would like for your site.

Why do we need a web hosting?

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