How to Create Landing Pages


What is are Landing Pages and how to Create it?

What is a landing page?

A landing page may be a website dedicated to a selected target group, which is to mobilize the user to perform a selected action (e.g. purchase, booking a visit, leaving contact details). The name comes from the very fact that it’s the primary page where the user “lands” (i.e. hits) as a result of marketing activities – usually after clicking on the ad link within the program or social media or sent within the mailing. Let’s check; What are Landing Pages? How to Create it?
Usually, the landing page takes the shape of the so-called one page or single page (site without additional tabs) and consists of sections and calls to action (CTA) that convince the visitor to perform a specific action.

Two types of landing pages

Landing pages can seek after various objectives, yet there are two essential classifications – each with their capacities.

  • Click-Through landing page
  • Lead Generation landing page

The purpose of such an internet site is to travel to a different page, which is typically far more extensive, e.g. a landing page presents only a part of the offer and its advantages, and refers to a page that contains accurate information about the products or services offered, their prices, availability. Often, the user may purchase on the page that was mentioned.

Lead Generation Landing page

The reason for such a site is to gather client information – his name, telephone number, or email address. On such a landing page there could also be an incentive to go away contact to present the offer, but user data are often collected more subtly. Companies offer a reduction for subscribing to the newsletter or provide free useful materials (e-books, reports, infographics) to people that will provide their e-mail address reciprocally.

When and why use a landing page?

Not every landing page may be a sales page, i.e. one on which you’ll directly make a sale. Many pages of this sort are a part of the sales funnel and therefore the task of such pages is for the most important number of users to succeed in the subsequent stage of the sales process. At the point when the Landing page gathers the information of guests, with whom it at that point imparts – this builds their advantage in administrations and the degree of trust. And afterward, the possibility that these individuals will make a buy increment. How to construct a viable deals channel? You’ll discover the appropriate response in this article

In advertising campaigns, the utilization of landing pages brings far better results

The websites with many functions and addressed to varied groups of recipients. It is important to focus the message on one thing that we would like to convince an individual visiting such a landing page. All data ought to be effectively available, plainly noticeable, coherently orchestrated, and playing out the activity as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. It is mainly thanks to this simplicity of data and specialize in one goal and addressing one group of recipients that landing pages are usually far more effective than websites, of course, simpler only in achieving this one goal. Landing pages will be created by website owners.

Landing page for small business

Many business owners are unaware of what a landing page is, and if they hear about it, they consider it unnecessary. They present the proposal on their site and for them, it’s sufficient. However, the corporate’s website is targeted at a good audience and contains tons of data – about services, the company, news, prices, the way to make a sale, guarantees, and much more.

landing page, on the opposite hand, is to realize just one goal.

What goal, exactly? It depends on the particular business. This can be, for instance, making reservations, purchasing, subscribing to the newsletter, or providing your telephone number. Now you get the idea about what are landing pages and how to create it.

Examples of goals that landing pages are able to do for little businesses:

  • Arranging visit to the hair or beauty parlor
  • Hotel accommodation booking
  • Enrolling for the primary dance or foreign lesson
  • Give the phone number to the land or protection specialist
  • Download the product catalog, e.g. gate, door, or window catalog
  • Subscribing to the newsletter
  • Take advantage of a promotion or a unique offer
  • Even checking interest, demand for a product or service that we don’t yet have in our offer but we are brooding about adding them thereto

General goals which will be achieved by landing pages of companies from various industries:

  • Providing an email to download a reduction coupon for services
  • Submit a request for an offer
  • Filling out the contact structure to exploit the unique offer
  • Familiarization with the offered products
  • Booking a visit, table, etc
  • Making a purchase
  • Presentation and testing of the offer

How to create a website?

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