What are the best WordPress Plugins?


The best WordPress Plugins are the following;

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (formerly referred to as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is one of the foremost popular WordPress plugins. It permits you to upgrade your WordPress site for web crawlers. It not only helps you add meta tags, but it also optimizes your site as an entire.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most comprehensive and free website analytics tool within the market. In layman’s terms, it allows you to ascertain where your visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on your website. You can then optimize your site accordingly to enhance your earnings.


Keeping your followers connected with via online media expects you to habitually post refreshes. Buffer allows you to simply schedule your posts for the whole day. This allows you to stay your social media accounts active while you’re employed on other things.


You can now view all the reviews of your WooCommerce store on a single page. A single page review display will allow the readers to have a quick look through the reviews to have a better idea of the products. You can choose the pages for which you need to show all the audits without pagination.


After a period of use, the database will be overloaded, due to the increasing number of revisions, the spam comments. This is one of the reasons affecting directly your site speed. WP-Optimize will help you make the cleanup, optimize the WordPress blog database to ensure that the site operates smoothly.

TP Image Optimizer

Large image files may hamper your site but you even realize it. Thus, TP Image Optimizer automatically compresses images and cuts all the unnecessary data but maintaining an equivalent quality. This is an indispensable plugin for your page.

iThemes Security

This is a plugin for enhancing effectively security for WordPress, and it’s very easy to put in and use. The iThemes Security plugin offers many features, for example: adding multiple reporting email addresses for backups and notifications, streamlined settings for easier configuration, and lots of more.

TP Backup Automator

It is an efficient plugin that permits the simplest and richest features for creating backup archives of your entire site and database. TP Backup Automator will auto-save all changed data, rather than the entire data on your website. Thus, this will significantly save your backup time, and therefore the storage also.

UpdraftPlus Plugin

It is the simplest ever plugin which helps you to backup and restores your important data. In the event that, worker crashes or such things occurred on your site under any conditions, you don’t have the foggiest idea! For that, this plugin will allow you to require backups and you’ll schedule for each backup you’ll also restore it.


This plugin allows multiple things to urge done like it shows traffic i.e analytics from your WordPress dashboard, add social media sharing options to your webpages, it accelerates image loading times, it prevents from brute force attacks during which attackers try multiple passwords…, and lots of more.

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