What Is AMP And Why Should I Be Using It?


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it’s an open-source program from Google aimed toward making a “better, faster mobile internet”. In some ways, the project is Google’s response to Facebook’s instant articles, which gave media organizations a platform to possess their articles to read very quickly without the user leaving Facebook.

It works in a similar way with users coming from search pages being shown sites in essentially no time. This happens because a large portion of the page’s original content can be stripped away and the page is optimized for mobile.

While it was a reaction to a competitor’s move, it was also an acknowledgment of how the world has shifted in terms of internet usage. Last year, for the primary time ever, the bulk of worldwide internet usage didn’t come from desktop browsers.


The AMP project uses an open-source framework, meaning that it is often employed by an entire host of other companies to serve content that’s been built using AMP HTML, including platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Google search, which is big news for content publishers.

How AMP helps SEO. The main benefit of AMP is speed. Therefore, albeit your site isn’t loading slowly enough to trigger the Speed Update, a fast-loading accelerated mobile page will benefit your users. Server performance is also improved through using AMP.

What does Accelerated Mobile Pages Do?

AMP won’t get a massive boost in search ranking, all of the other (search engine ranking) signals need to be satisfied as well.”

However, Gingras also said that speed will matter.

“If we had two articles that from a signaling perspective scored an equivalent altogether other characteristics except for speed, then yes, we’ll give stress to the one with speed because that’s what users find compelling.”
We additionally realize that when Google brought inside the calculation update that was named “Mobilegeddon” in 2015, versatile agreeableness of a page matters when it includes positioning pages in the portable inquiry.

Should I Use AMP ?

Should I Use It?
That is the key question. If you’re a publisher or have a blog or news section, using AMP may be a no-brainer. It allows you to convey your information quickly and cleanly and may appear within the Google News carousel.

AMP allows you to convey your information quickly and cleanly and may appear within the Google News carousel.

While the data on commerce sites’ usage and success are small, the aforementioned Google report indicates that the project has seen e-commerce benefits.

For lead generation, while the info is scarce, you ought to a minimum of test parts of your site, especially is direct competitors are using the technology.

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