What is Schema? Why it is Important for SEO?


What is Schema and Why it is Important in SEO?

What is Schema?

Schemas are a method to explicitly tell search engines and other software about entities, the relationships between things, and activities. This terminology may sound a little odd so I’ll merely clarify what entities are, their relationships and activities: things are essentially people, places, or things. The relationship between two things might possibly be a business and the business’ positioning. A good instance of activity could be a person (thing ) searching for something (activity ).

The schemas I am going to be covering in this informative article are people from Home –, which really is really a collaborative, community-driven project which intends to market schemas for structured data online, on website pages as well as in mails. You may find out more about the job at the official website or your GitHub repository.

Why are Schemas Essential for SEO?

As mentioned, schemas allow search engines along with other applications to better understand entities, relationships and actions is in fact sponsored by the planet’s top search engines, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex. If you are at the hunting industry or run a website and are interested in boosting your organic search operation, then schema should really be peaking your attention.

Although structured data is not yet part of the Google ranking algorithm, it is still important for SEO for many reasons.

First, it is a feature that is gaining ground and Google officially stated that it may be something that will go into the ranking algorithm in the near future. So, besides taking advantage of the benefits described below, you also prepare your website for future SEO.

Second, structured data enhances your website’s presence on the SERPS with rich snippets

. This means that your entry in Google search results will be more attractive and informative than others and this will lead to better CTR (click through rates) and more visits to your website.

Third, it’s a way to get into the Google knowledge graph and take advantage of the many benefits this feature offers to website owners. The Google knowledge graph.

is the ‘information box’ that appears on the right of the search results when you search for a question, known brand or popular person, like the example below:

Fourth, is great for Local SEO. With structured data you can give search engines more information about your local business including address and contact information. In conjunction with a proper Google my business entry it can boost your local SEO.

Fifth, it’s a requirement for running successful Shopping campaigns. When setting up shopping campaigns on ad words, you need to have microdata on your product landing pages so that Google can verify the data submitted in your shopping feed. Without microdata, it is very likely that your shopping campaigns will not be optimized.

Sixth, new technologies like the accelerated mobile pages

rely heavily on structured data for some of their advanced features.

Seven, it increases your chances of getting an entry in Google answers like the example below from my business website.

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